25 Great Do It Yourself Christmas Gifts

Posted by on December 20, 2012

Who says you have to spend so much money in giving thoughtful and valuable gifts to your friends and loved ones? There are actually gifts out there that are more valuable than the most expensive items you can purchase at the store, where some of the elements that cannot be bought is dedication, thought, love, and care. This is why do-it-yourself Christmas presents are greatly appreciated even if things turned out bad. Care to try a few? Here are 25 great do it yourself Christmas gifts that you can personally create and give.


Personally Written Plates

You can choose any porcelain plate for this simple but very thoughtful gift. As for the wording, you can write favorite song lyrics, a poem, or even a speech, and a set of quotations. It does not even matter if your penmanship is good; as long as your sincerity reaches the receiver of your gift.


Wooden Letters on Canvas

Simple but very elegant when displayed in the living room, this Christmas gift only takes little amount of patience to create. Wooden letters, canvas, paint, and glue should be able to help you make a gift that is worth displaying.


Nut Bracelet

Guys, especially those who love accessories, would love to have this kind of gift from girls. And because ladies know how to make braids very well, making a braided nut bracelet should be a cinch.


Couple Love Portrait

You can give this special gift to a couple or you could give this as a sweet offering to your spouse. And you do not have to spend so much to let them feel your support. A presentable frame, a wonderful paper, and printout of the famous couples with a standout print of the couple are very great.


Photo Vases

You do not have to resort to expensive photo vases in order to give a personalized  container that can serve as a special gift. Just purchase a clear long straight vase, print a black and white picture in vellum paper, wrap the said paper on the vase, stick both ends with a double sided tape, and put a battery-operated tea light inside. Voila!