25 Funniest Tweets of All Time You’ll Want To See

Posted by , Updated on April 14, 2017

Twitter is an overflowing river of genius jokes, puns, and wisecracks. Of course, there’s plenty of bad jokes out there, but it’s hard not to stumble upon the good ones. With so many funny Twitter tweets, it’s hard to keep track of them all. From funny tweets about life to possibly the funniest tweets ever, we’ve compiled this list you’re sure to enjoy. Here are the 25 Funniest Tweets of All Time You’ll Want To See!

Overhead projectorSource: https://twitter.com/TheFunnyWorId/status/849271125230075908
pizza hutSource: https://twitter.com/Leemanish/status/315879059383021570
bachelors degreeSource: https://twitter.com/erica_rosie/status/701429993889353728
catcher in the ryeSource: https://twitter.com/david8hughes/status/473127276653985792
Husbands nameSource: https://twitter.com/danimgrace/status/598204691374280704

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