25 Fun Facts About NASA You Might Not Know

Posted by on May 22, 2015

So not all of these reasons are necessarily meant to show the invincibility of NASA. In fact, some of them will show its humanity. They lose stuff, they use the wrong measurement system and make otherwise silly errors. But in spite of that, they managed to get humans to the moon with a computer as powerful as your modern toaster. These are 25 Fun Facts About NASA You Might Not Know.


The Vehicle Assembly Building is so big that it has its own weather. If it weren't for one of the world's most massive air conditioning systems, the Florida humidity would cause rain clouds to form near the ceiling.


Just in case life is found on some other planet, NASA actually has an Office of Planetary Protection


NASA was sued by three men from Yemen for trespassing on Mars. They claimed that they had inherited the planet from their ancestors thousands of years ago.


In 2006 NASA admitted to having accidentally recorded over the original tapes of the moon landing. Fortunately NASA wasn't the only group recording. Copies found at CBS and Johnson Space Center are currently being restored.


Bill Nye the Science Guy originally wanted to be an astronaut, but NASA kept rejecting him.