25 Extremely Bizarre Court Cases

Posted by on September 6, 2013

One of the best things about having an organized judicial system is that there is always a way for citizens to achieve justice when they are wronged. Unfortunately though, some citizens take advantage of the system to file frivolous cases and squeeze money from others. Here is a list of the 25 most bizarre cases ever filed in court:


Robert Lee Brock sued himself

Robert Lee Brock was a prisoner in Virginia in 1995. One day, he decided to be removed from prison so he could enter a mental institution. To make this happen, he decided to sue himself for $50 million, claiming that he committed a crime while he was drunk. In the end, the case was dismissed and he failed to get his transfer.


Dukes family sued Sea World

In 1999, a man named Daniel Dukes got killed by a whale at Sea World. To achieve his lifelong dream of swimming with a whale, he hid himself from the security guards of Sea World so he could stay at the park after closing. After his death, his parents sued Sea World on account of failure to display public warnings that the whale could actually kill people.


New Yorker sued Subway

A 27-year old man from New York sued Subway after he took a bite of his sandwich and found a knife in its bread. He sued Subway for $1,000,000 because of food poisoning, which he said he had gotten from the filthy plastic handle of the knife.


Christopher Roller sued David Blaine and David Copperfield

Christopher Roller sued David Blaine and David Copperfield for defying the laws of physics and even demanded them to reveal their magic tricks to him. He also believed that the two magicians were using godly powers, and because he believed he was God, it was his powers that the magicians were stealing.


Macrida Patterson sued Victoria’s Secret

A cop named Macrida Patterson was trying on a new thong when the tight fit caused a metal clip from the thong to fly off and hit her eye. She filed a case against Victoria’s Secret on June 9, 2008.


PETA sued the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife

A group of PETA volunteers had just attended an anti-hunt protest to defend the rights of deer to live. After the protest, two members of the group hit a deer. Ironically, PETA sued the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife for the damage caused, saying that it was all because of its deer management program which involved efforts to increase deer population.


Israeli woman sued a TV station

Most people understand that weather reports are not 100% accurate. Unfortunately, this was never the case for an Israeli woman who filed a case against a TV station for its wrong weather prediction. According to her, the TV station predicted that the weather was going to be fine, but it rained. And because she dressed lightly, she caught a flu.


Albuquerque woman sued McDonald’s

In 1992, an Albuquerque woman bought a coffee from McDonald’s drive-thru. She wanted to add cream and sugar to her drink so she placed the cup in between her knees. She pulled the lid of the cup toward her, and as a result, the coffee spilt onto her lap. She blamed McDonald’s for the incident, saying that the restaurant was serving coffee that was too hot to be safe.


Richard Overton sued Anheuser-Busch

Richard Overton complained that the advertisements of Anheuser-Busch were misleading as they involved fantasies of beautiful women coming to life as men drove a Bud Light truck. The complainant said he suffered emotional distress and mental injury because of the false ads. The case was later dismissed by court.


Family sued “Natural Born Killers” movie producers

Patsy Ann Byers was left paralyzed in 1995 after Sarah Edmondson and Benjamin Darrus went on a crime spree after watching Natural Born Killers. This led the family of Byers to file a case against the makers of the movie, including Oliver Stone and Warner Brothers.


Cleanthi Peters sued Universal Studios

In 2000, a man named Cleanthi Peters filed a $14,000 case against Universal Studios, claiming that she suffered extreme fear and mental stress after visiting the Halloween Horror Nights Haunted House of Universal Studios, which she found too scary.


Family sued video game makers

In 2001, Linda Sanders and other family members of the victims in the Columbine High School massacre sued 25 makers of video games, claiming that if it were not for their creations, the massacre would not have occurred. In the end, the plaintiffs were ordered to compensate the video game makers for their legal fees.


Rapist filed a case against Providence Hospital

In 2002, a man named Edward Brewer filed a $2-million case against Providence Hospital, saying that its security failed to prevent him from committing rape against one of its patients.


Husband sued his wife

In the past, a man named Peter Wellis divorced his wife and did not want to pay compensation. He sued her on grounds of sperm theft, saying that she did not tell him that she was using birth control pills.


Woman sued a nightclub

Kara Walton wanted to enter a certain nightclub through its toilet window so she would not have to pay the $3.5 entrance fee. As a result, she fell down the floor and knocked out her two front teeth. In the end, the woman was awarded $12,000 and got all her dental expenses paid.