25 Essential DSLR Camera Accessories

Posted by on February 29, 2012

Anyone who has ever bought a DSLR camera knows what it is like to face the enormous array of accessories available to soup up their new contraption. While this may be a good thing to experienced photographers, if you are new to the game it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. For this very reason we are going to go over 25 essential DSLR camera accessories that you will undoubtedly find yourself needing at one point or another.


Balance Grey Card Set

Although shooting RAW and adjusting your white balance later on is a possibility, what if you want to shoot JPEG? Besides, if you are trying to get everything perfect right from the get go, you need some kind of grey card to check the white balance.


Mini Softbox for Speedlight

Everyone into digital photography knows how much better diffused light can make your photos look. It gives your models a more pleasing look and eliminates harsh shadows. The problems is that a huge softbox can be a pain to always lug around with you. So how about a mini softbox?



Nobody wants to see spots on their photos. If it does start happening though, you want to have ablower laying around. This method of cleaning your camera is highly preferable to anything requiring you to touch the lens.


Light Reflector

In situations where flash is just not going to work, like outdoors on a sunny day or while doing some portraits, having a set of light reflectors can be very beneficial.


Lens Pen

If your blower is still not getting the dust off your lens, don’t panic. The lens pen should do the trick. It has two sides, one with a brush to the clean the dust off your lens and the other with a cleaning tip for everything else.


Keyboard Shortcut Skin

For those of you who have trouble remembering all of your Photoshop, Aperture, or Final Cut shortcut commands, these keyboard skins might be exactly what you need to increase productivity.


Pop Up Flash Diffuser

If you don’t have a speedlight and you find yourself with pop flash being the only option, be sure to at least have a diffuser with you. It will function essentially the same as a softbox.


Cleaning Cloth

Although we did say it is best to use a so that you don’t end up damaging your lens, this microfiber cleaning cloth is made of antistatic fibers that are specially designed to not damage anything.


Neck Strap

Most OEM straps don’t feel the greatest when you use them. It’s always a good idea to upgrade if you think your camera is going to be hanging from your neck a lot. The Pro Loop strap from Op/Tech is a solid choice as it is made out of neoprene and has non slip fabric on the underside that makes your camera a lot easier to carry.


Veloce Shooting Bag

Not only will the Veloce shooting backpack hold all of your essential camera accessories including the tripod, it has room for a 17″ laptop as well.


Polarizer Filter

This polarizer by B+W will not only decrease reflections off of glass and other shiny objects but it will increase the color saturation of your photos as well.



Whenever you’re taking photos in low light or trying to get that razor sharp focus you’re going to wish that you had a tripod. This Manfrotto tripod has multiple settings to help you control your shot.



So you have a tripod, but you’re still missing something. If you had a ballhead to add to your setup it would ensure that your cameras is attached to your tripod with a nearly infinite level of adjustability.


Audio Adapter

As DSLR cameras get more advanced and have started to integrate HD video, their audio capabilities are laggin behind a bit. For this reason it can be beneficial to have an audio converter on hand that will allow to plug professional mics with XLR connections into your camera.


White Balance Lens Cap

As getting the right white balance on your camera can be somewhat challenging, and using a grey card might not be your favorite thing to do, a white balance lens cap can help you make sure that every picture is the way you want it.