25 Dumbest Internet Trends That Need To Stop

Posted by , Updated on May 9, 2017

Overall, the internet has created amazing opportunities for people. From opening a business, connecting with family far away, or accessing information, it’s revolutionized the way people live. However, like a double-edged sword, it cuts both ways. Dumb internet trends are a great example of that. Every year, dumb trends pop up, making us question humanity again. Let’s take a look at some that really jumped the shark. Here are 25 Dumbest Internet Trends That Need To Stop.


Fake news

How_To_Spot_Fake_NewsSource: http://www.npr.org

Last year, fake news hit its fever pitch during the American Presidential elections. Both sides were trying to fool voters into believing things that weren’t true in order to sway their decisions. It’s a trend no one really saw coming until it was too late. Here’s hoping this is a trend we can put behind us for good.


The Duct Tape Challenge

1366px-Duct-tapeSource: http://www.ibtimes.com/

The Duct Tape Challenge involves wrapping someone in duct tape and seeing how long it takes for them to escape. Of course, duct tape is incredibly sticky and strong, making it impossible to get free. To make matters worse, kids have been severely injured doing it. So, it’s probably best to save a few brain cells and stay away from this one.




Vine was a smartphone app devoted to creating super short video clips. While the experiment resulted in some clever videos, most of it was dumb. Like most trends, Vine met its end when the app decided to shut down for good.


Baby Mugging

baby mugging

This trend with a very unfortunate name falls in line with the Cat Beard idea. Taking their mug of a choice, a proud parent places it in the frame so when they take a picture, their child looks like it’s inside the mug. It’s cute until you take it to its logical conclusion.


Darth Vadering

darth vadering

Darth Vadering makes it look like someone is choking you to death with the magic of photography. It’s like planking but piggybacks on an infamous character. So, it at least gets brownie points for that.

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