25 Dumbest Internet Trends That Need To Stop

Posted by , Updated on May 9, 2017

Overall, the internet has created amazing opportunities for people. From opening a business, connecting with family far away, or accessing information, it’s revolutionized the way people live. However, like a double-edged sword, it cuts both ways. Dumb internet trends are a great example of that. Every year, dumb trends pop up, making us question humanity again. Let’s take a look at some that really jumped the shark. Here are 25 Dumbest Internet Trends That Need To Stop.




Remember when we said cat pictures will continue to evolve? Well, here’s another dumb trend involving cats. They call them “Purritos,” and it’s pretty easy to see why.




Bookworms worship their bookshelves. It’s like their altar. And so, like taking food pictures on Instagram, they decided to take pictures of their shelves. It’s called a “Shelfie.” While this trend is still pretty silly, we have to admit this rainbow organization is kinda awesome.


Snapchat Filters

snapchat filter

Snapchat filters are still kind of a thing, and we all know that it shouldn’t be. Of course, making yourself vomit a rainbow or have puppy ears is amusing the first time, but now it just needs to go away.



ConeingSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WygNjMSllLQ

Cone-ing. It’s the new planking! But not really. The idea behind this is pretty simple. After ordering an ice cream cone, the person grabs it on the ice cream side (the wrong way) to the horror of the server. It makes no sense and is kind of a waste of money.


Fingermouthing Pose

fingermouthingSource: https://www.thesun.co.uk

Duck face is out. Fingermouthing pose is totally in. Which means it’s even worse. Beloved by social media icons like Kylie Jenner, Fingermouthing is pretty simple. Place your fingers to your lips, look smoldering, and take a selfie. Now, rethink your life.

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