25 Crazy Facts About The Human Body

Posted by on January 12, 2012

In spite of the fact that you have to take it with you everywhere you go (or at least we hope so), we are willing to bet there are a good number of things you didn’t know about your body. As amazing as it is, it can also be very strange and hopefully by the time you get done reading these 25 crazy facts about the human body you’ll have come to know yourself a little better on the inside.


The average person produces enough saliva in their lifetime to fill up two swimming pools.


Most babies are born with blue eyes. Exposure to ultraviolet light (the sun) and melanin are what eventually bring out their true color.


Except for identical twins, every person on earth has a unique smell.


Your brain is demanding, as it uses about 20% of your entire body’s oxygen and caloric intake.


In order to taste something your saliva must be able to dissolve it. Hard to believe? Try drying off your tongue before eating your favorite candy.