25 Craziest Things To Do Before You Die

Posted by on April 23, 2012

If you’re one of those boring people that never do super cool things because they’re dangerous or edgy then this list is not for you…just keep on scrolling. For the rest of you though, this is the spice to your bucket list. It’s everything you didn’t realize you wanted to do with your life. It’s the 25 craziest things to do before you die.


Riot Tourism

Ok, here’s the disclaimer: List25 does not support riots, molotov cocktails, burning effigies, or anything of the sort. With that said, however, this rapidly growing pastime was just too crazy to keep off the list. People actually scour the world looking for riots to join. What you do with this information is up to you.


Yak Skiing

If you ever make it out to Manali, India you absolutely have to check this extreme sport off of your bucketlist. Participants start out on skis at the bottom of a large slope while they are attached by rope to a yak that it is at the summit. On the yak’s end the rope passes through a pulley system connected to a tree. The brave soul at the bottom then shakes a bucket of pony nuts to attract the yak’s attention just before being catapulted up the hill at breakneck speed. The one piece of advice offered to every willing participant: don’t shake the bucket before you are attached to the rope.


Volcano Boarding

It’s pretty much sandboarding except you’re on a live volcano. Helpful hint: it might be best to save this one for last…just in case.


Extreme Ironing

Allegedly one of the worlds newest extreme sports, this interesting activity involves the act of ironing your clothes in ridiculous situations. Think climbing Mount Everest or skydiving. The best part though? Two checkmarks on your bucketlist for the price of one.


Blindfolded Sightseeing

We’re not exactly sure why anyone would want to do this but evidently people are willing to pay good money to see…well, not much. At any rate, this is sure to set your bucket list apart from the crowd.


Jet Pack Flight

Iron Man is not the only one jetting around in the atmosphere these days. Recently Yves Rossy, otherwise known as Fusionman, flew across the English Channel with nothing but a jet pack.


Waterfall Kayaking

There’s not really much to explain here. You need a kayak…and a waterfall.


Shark Surfing

There is a lot of dispute out there right now as to whether this has actually been done yet or not. Several videos have surfaced recently of people essentially “fishing” for sharks and then holding on to the line while letting themselves be pulled along on their surfboards. Real or not though, this is sure to get you some serious post mortem props.


Soldier for a Day

These days you don’t even have to enlist to drive a tank. There are several VIP gift companies that will provide you with your own set of treads and an obstacle course to boot.


Heli Skiing

If you can’t ski, that’s ok. You can just go heli-hiking. For the rest of you though…do you really want to reach the end of your life having always stayed within the safe confines of a ski patrolled resort?


Experience Weightlessness

Although it will cost you a couple grand, Zero Gravity Corporation can provide you with the opportunity to shake Earth’s gravitational force by taking short trip aboard its modified 727.


Go To Space

On the topic of zero gravity, why not just go all the way? Although it comes with a hefty price tag, With space tourism on the rise this may become a feasible addition to your bucket list in the near future.


Underwater Golf

While most of your high school buddies will retire on the beach and spend their days playing golf next to the water, allow us to make a suggestion – play golf under the water. Seriously though, having started in a Chinese aquarium underwater golf is just another way to set your eulogy apart from the others.



Remember as a kid how you used to sit at the top of the hill and wish you could roll down in a huge ball? Well maybe not, but by using a large plastic sphere known as a Zorb you can get the full experience. Remember though, an empty stomach is your best friend.


Fly a Fighter Jet

Okay, so chances are that you aren’t actually legally certified to fly a fighter jet, but with a strong enough stomach there are several agencies out there that will let you get in on the action from the copilot’s seat.