25 Celebrities Who Had Strange Jobs Before Becoming Famous

Posted by on September 13, 2012

Although sometimes we think of movies stars, musicians, and other celebrities as having always been members of the elite upper class, the truth is that at one point many of them also held normal, boring, underpaid positions at the local fast food restaurant. With everything from road side dancers dressed up as chickens to creepy gravediggers, these are 25 celebrities who had strange jobs before becoming famous.


Eva Mendez

Before hitting the big screen Eva sold hotdogs at a stand in the mall.


Patrick Dempsey

Known for his role in Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick used to be a juggler and even placed in national competitions.


Ozzy Osbourne

You shouldn’t be too surprised to hear that before achieving rock star fame Ozzy worked in a slaughterhouse.


Hugh Jackman

Famous for playing Wolverine in the X-Men, Hugh really came a long way from wearing a clown suit to birthday parties.


Tim Allen

Before starring in Home Improvement, Tim was a notorious coke dealer…and we’re not talking about Coca Cola.


Whoopie Goldberg

She used to put makeup on dead people in the morgue.


Sean Connery

It may be difficult to imagine (considering the profession doesn’t really exist anymore) but in his earlier days Sean worked hard as a milkman.


Christopher Walken

As usual, it’s nearly impossible to be cooler than Chris. Back in the day he was a lion tamer at a circus.


Rod Stewart

Like Whoopie, Rod used to spend more time in the presence of the dead than the living when he worked as a gravedigger at a local cemetery.


Harrison Ford

Every Star Wars fan knows the story of how George Lucas needed someone to read Han Solo’s lines during the auditions. Harrison Ford, a carpenter on the set, was chosen and the rest is history.


Orlando Bloom

In his earlier days he worked as a trapper on a clay pigeon shooting range.


Danny Devito

The famous funny man used to cut hair to make ends meet.



Before selling more records than any other female in history, Madonna worked at Dunkin’ Donuts.


Robin Williams

It shouldn’t be hard to believe that Robin used to work as street mime.


Johnny Depp

A strange job for a strange man, before fame and superstardom Johnny sold pens for a living.