25 Celebrities Who Have Struggled With And Overcome Substance Abuse

Posted by on January 10, 2014

Everybody knows that celebrities tend to do drugs. But here are 25 celebrities who have struggled with and overcome substance abuse.




One of the most famous figures in rock, Slash also used to be one of the most prolific drug users in the music business. However, due to his 2001 congestive heart failure diagnosis and encouragement from his wife, this former Guns n’ Roses guitarist was able to give up the habit.


Jennifer Aniston


While filming the hit show “Friends”, Jennifer struggled with chain smoking. However, in 2007 she decided to give up her vice by taking an intense detox and now uses exercise to stay free from nicotine.


Eric Clapton


He was so addicted to heroin that in one of his performances, Clapton passed out and had to be revived. Eventually Pete Townshend, “The Who” guitarist, convinced Clapton to give up his addiction and establish the Crossroads center for drug and alcohol treatment.


Catherine Zeta Jones


Although she smoked as a teenager she decided to break the habit in adulthood. The decision came after the paparazzi snapped photos of her smoking while pregnant. This coupled with the fear of passing the habit onto her children, convinced her to quit.


Jon Stewart


From the age of 15, the famous host of The Daily Show struggled with a smoking addiction. He was encouraged to finally kick the habit by the CGL Foundation and since 2000, Stewart has been smoke free.


Brian Welch


Known as one of the co-founders of the platinum selling metal band Korn, Brian Welch once found himself embroiled in a world of money and drugs. At the height of his career, he got addicted to several substances and vices, including alcohol, sleeping pills and Xanax. When he became a Christian in 2005, he decided to cleanse himself of these addictions.


Oprah Winfrey


Known for being an inspiration to many people around the world, Oprah Winfrey once admitted that she used crack cocaine in the 80’s. Nobody knows how long the addiction lasted, but one thing is for sure: Oprah Winfrey has long moved past it.


Matt Damon


A long time smoker, he decided to quit when he saw a picture of himself smoking and realized how awful he looked. In fact, he allegedly even convinced his good friend Ben Affleck to quit as well.




Eminem was able to get rid of his drug addiction through the help of Elton John, a friend he met in 2001 who eventually convinced him to kick the habit.


Steven Tyler


The lead singer of popular rock band Aerosmith struggled with drug use when he was in high school. In one of his interviews, he admitted that his addiction resulted in struggles in class, difficulty coping with success and poor relationships. He was convinced by his band mates to go to rehab in 1986.


Sanjay Dutt


The son of Sunil Dutt developed a teenage drug addiction after his mother passed away from cancer and in 1982, was incarcerated for five months for the illegal possession of drugs. He was sent to a rehab center in the United States by his father in which he was able to overcome his addiction.


Robert Downey, Jr.


Robert Downey Jr. currently known as Iron Man once battled a massive drug addiction. He was so addicted, that he was considered a liability and as such, was passed over for roles. Good thing that he was able to get clean after going to a rehab.


Samuel Jackson


Samuel Jackson had struggled with some serious drug addiction. In fact, he got overdosed on heroin several times and was sent to a New York rehab more than once but ended up escaping. He considered his cocaine addict role in Jungle Fever cathartic, because that was what made him realize how dangerous his habit was, consequently inspiring him to quit.


Charlie Sheen


Widely remembered for his role in the sitcom Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen used to be a drug user as well. His addiction jeopardized the show and resulted in one of his co-actors being fired. Nevertheless, Sheen did seek help and according to sources has remained clean.


Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie once admitted that she did about every drug possible. However, when she got engaged to Brad Pitt and had six children, the actress decided to clean up her act.