25 Most Bizarre Museums From Around The World

Posted by on January 14, 2014

From human heads to bunny rabbits these are the 25 most bizarre museums from around the world.


Beijing Tap Water Museum, China

Nothing spells “excitement” quite like a museum filled with faucets.


Museum of Bad Art, United States

This place houses 600 masterpieces of modern…I mean, shamelessly horrific art.


The Dog Collar Museum, England

The most surprising things about this museum is that nearly half a million people actually visit it every year.


British Lawnmower Museum, England

Big mowers, small mowers, even the royal family’s mowers. They’re all here.


Avanos Hair Museum, Turkey

It’s the world’s largest collection of hair gathered from over 16,000 women along with their names and addresses. If you have ever heard of or experienced anything creepier than that then we are truly sorry.