25 Bizarre And Unique Musical Instruments

Posted by on January 28, 2014

We can guarantee that you’ve probably never used (or even heard of) these 25 bizarre and unique musical instruments.


Contrabass Balalaika


The contrabass balalaika is a Russian folk instrument that was developed in the late 17th century. It looks strange because unlike other stringed musical instruments, it has a triangular body. Played with fingers or leather plectrums, this instrument is normally equipped with extension legs resting on the floor and comes in various sizes.


American Fotoplayer


American fotoplayer was introduced in 1912 and was developed by the American Fotoplayer Company. This musical instrument is a type of player piano that was especially developed to provide sound effects for silent movies during the early 19th century.




Invented in 1967, a stylophone is an analog stylus-operated synthesizer that was introduced by Brian Jarvis.


Pikasso Guitar


Designed by Manzer, the Pikasso guitar is a notable instrument whose name was derived from its likeness to the appearance of the cubist works of renowned artist Pablo Picasso. This instrument is basically a harp guitar that has four necks, two sound holes and 42 strings.


Theremin or Aetherphone


Originally known as “aetherphone,” theremin is an early electronic musical instrument that can be controlled without physical contact. Named after its Russian inventor Leon Theremin, this instrument has a controlling section that consists of two metal antennas which can sense the relative position of the thereminist’s hands and control oscillators for frequency.