25 Biggest YouTube Trolls

Posted by , Updated on August 3, 2017

Do you ever read Youtube comments and think to yourself, “wow, that’s a hardcore troll!”. Well, we do too, and today we’re going to meet some of the most infamous trolls on the internet. From expert agitators to professional trouble makers, these are the 25 biggest Youtube trolls in the world!



Cindybin2001Source: youtube

She claims to be anti-profanity, but swears a lot.



QueenGregJockSource: youtube

This troll tells people to kill themselves and also makes fun of cancer victims.


Alex Jones

Alex JonesSource: youtube

A famous conspiracy theorist, Alex believes in reptilian people, time travel, and holocaust denial.



Silverknight171Source: youtube

On the internet, Silverknight171 is known as a war loving fascist.


Super Minecraft Kid

Super Minecraft KidSource: youtube

This young gamer annoys people by screaming in his videos.

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