25 Most Adorable Baby Animals From OneBigPhoto

Posted by on November 23, 2013

Today’s post is brought to you by the good folks over at OneBigPhoto. OneBigPhoto is a wonderful site where you can see amazing photos uploaded by visitors such as these 25 most adorable baby animals from OneBigPhoto. So get ready to get your daily dose of cute because today we are showing you some of the best and most adorable photos of baby animals around the planet, enjoy!


A cute little monkey by: Sonja Probst


Musk ox baby by: Randy Kokesch


Two-week-old baby rhino by: Jon Hrusa


Tiny baby skink lizard by: Ray T


Baby owl learning to fly by: Peter Brannon


Howling arctic wolf cub by: Animal Press


Ten-day-old orphan dolphin by: Miguel Rojo


Baby Malayan tapir by: Jan Woitas


Cute baby seal by: Ville Miettinen


Cuteness overload kitty by: Vittorio Viterbo


Sleeping baby hamster by: Marjolein


Cute baby gecko by: Sébastien Del Grosso


Few hours old baby penguin by: Ondrej Zaruba


Two cute baby fox brothers by: Florian Girardin


Five weeks old caracal kittens by: Michael Durham

Juan Castillo


A Jack of many trades (and interests) Juan has a Bachelor in design from the University of Florida with a Major in Architecture and is currently working on an Urban Regional Planning Masters with a concentration in Transportation. Juan is also an amateur photographer with an interest in nature and transportation...especially trains. This guy loves trains! Follow him on Twitter @Jcgator1.

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  • Sahara James

    number 9 is my favorite one of my favorite dogs aswell

  • Prisha Patnaik

    16 is sooooo cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Audrey

    14 is one of my faves

  • Gamsy Pipz

    they are the cutest EVER!!!! —- love them. i wanna keep some. :P

  • RiPjAw

    Dolphin is the cutest baby animal I think so sad it is an orphan

    • B. Ryder

      Most of the animals being handled by humans on this list are probably orphans.

  • shauna

    Aww the dolphin <3